Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series

Join us for the Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series, which brings experts from around the country to campus to discuss their recent findings.  Everyone is welcome! 

MSE Spring seminars are held Fridays from 1:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. in Room 2110, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building, unless otherwise noted.

You can find all of these seminars, as well as others of potential interest, on our events calendar.

Spring 2017

(Titles and abstracts will be added as they are received.)

January 27

Imaging of Charge Carrier Dynamics at Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces by Ultrafast Electron Microscopy
Ebrahim Najafi
PostDoc, Department of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology

February 3

Actinide Chemistry and its Role in Uranium Extraction from Seawater
John Arnold
Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley

February 10

The Mechanical Behavior of Asteroidal Materials
K.T. Ramesh
Professor, Science & Engineering
John Hopkins University

February 17

Nonlinear Plasmonics
Hans Robinson
Associate Professor, Department of Physics
Virginia Tech

February 24

EuTiO3: the Magnetic Doppelganger of SrTiO3
Veerle Keppens
Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

March 3
U.S.A. vs. Xiaoxing Xi: Why It Matters
Xiaoxing Xi
Professor, Department of Physics
Temple University
March 10

Hard and Soft Matter in Conservation Science: How Did I Get Here?
Richard  Weiss
Professor, Dept of Chemistry & Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology
Georgetown University

March 17
Airway Surface Brush Sweeps Lungs Clean: Polymer Physics Helps Us Breathe Easier
Michael Rubinstein
Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of North Carolina
March 24


March 31

Solving Structurally Complex Materials
Paul Voyles
Professor and Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
University of Wisconsin

April 7

The Magnetocaloric Effect
Robert Shull
Materials Science and Engineering Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology
April 14
Tailoring mesoporous carbons and related materials for energy applications 
Sheng Dai
Chemical Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
April 21
Carbon Nano-Materials for Energy Application
Yun Hang Hu
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Michigan Tech University
April 28
Ibrahim Karaman - CANCELLED
Professor and Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
Texas A&M
May 5
Alloy Surface Engineering by Concentrated Interstitial Solute
Frank Ernst 
Professor and Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
Case Western Reserve University