Materials Science and Engineering Undergraduate Student Profiles

Get to know students in our undergraduate program in a more personal way. Why did they choose the Clark School and the University of Maryland? What have been their favorite or most challenging classes? What research opportunities have they had? What advice do they have for students considering a degree in Materials Science and Engineering?

Available Profiles

katie atwater

Katie Atwater

Research Interests: Scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, metals, glass, ceramics, and solid oxide fuel cells. Meet Katie

eric bailey

Eric Bailey

Research Interests: Development of new materials and photovoltaic devices. Meet Eric

colin heikes

Colin Heikes

Research Interests: Nanoscale materials and nanoscale devices, electron microscopy. Meet Colin

karam hijji

Karam Hijji

Research Interests: Atomic force microscopy, bioadhesives, manufacturing and processing of electronics and biomaterials. Meet Karam

stephen kitt

Stephen Kitt

Research Interests: Electronic devices, ferromagnetics, and special properties of materials. Meet Stephen

christina senagore

Christina Senagore

Research Interests: Polymers and materials used in sporting goods. Meet Christina

maeling tapp

Maeling Tapp

Research Interests: Implantable biomaterials, tribology (the study of friction, lubrication and wear). Meet Maeling