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Hu, Liangbing

Liangbing Hu
Associate Professor
1208 Engineering Lab Building
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Ph.D., UCLA, 2007

Research Interests 

Nanomaterials and nanostructures; energy storage: battery, supercapacitors for various applications; energy conversion: solar cells, solar fuel, transparent electrode, light-trapping; printed electronics including nano-ink, roll-to-roll printing, flexible electronics (display, touch screen, energy), and wearable devices.

Current Research Projects 

The Bing Research Group works at the intersections of three fields: Nanomaterials, energy, and flexible electronics.

Current projects in nanomaterials include synthesis and nanomanufacturing, and the structure, properties and applications of materials. Areas of interest include nanocellulose (1D) and 2D materials.

The group's work in the design of energy-related devices include investigations of sodium-ion batteries, garnet-based solid state batteries, lithium-sulfer dioxide bateries, and nanobatteries.

Professor Hu has also become well known for his creation of flexible electronic materials and devices, such as transparent "nanopaper," nanotube ink, energy textiles, and tiny, printed antennae.


Professor Hu teaches "Nanotechnology for Energy: Principles, Materials and Devices" at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Professor Hu is also active in mentoring and outreach activities, including serving as an advisor to a Gemstone honors program team, hosting visits from high school students in Women In Engineering's LEAD Academy summer program, a partnership with Wheaton High School to create summer internships and new science lessons, and talking to visitors of all ages about materials science at Maryland Day.

Selected Publications 

L. Hu, D. Hecht, G. Gruner, Carbon Nanotube Thin Films: Fabrications, Properties and Applications, Chem. Rev., 110, 5790, 2010, Invited Review.

L. Hu*, J. W. Choi*, Y. Yang*, S. Jeong, F. La Mantia, L.-F. Cui, Y. Cui, Highly Conductive Paper for Energy Storage Devices, Proc Nat. Acad. Sci., 106, 21490, 2009.
Reported in the New York Times, Scientific American, Stanford News and by the BBC; most downloaded paper in PNAS.

X. Xie, L. Hu, M. Pasta, C. Criddle, Y. Cui, Three-dimensional Carbon Nanotube-Textile for High Performance Microbial Fuel Cell Anodes, Nano. Lett. 11, 291, 2011.

L. Hu*, H. Wu*, F. La Mantia, Y. Yang, Y. Cui, Thin, Flexible Secondary Li-ion Paper Batteries, ACS Nano, 4, 5843, 2010.

L. Hu, H. Wu, L. Cui, B. Sy, Y. Cui, Si-Nanoparticle Decorated Si-Nanowire Anodes for Li-ion battery, Chem. Comm., 47, 367, 2011.

L. Hu*, H. Kim*, J. Y. Lee, P. Peumans, Y. Cui, Scalable Coating and Properties of Transparent Silver Nanowires for Flexible Electronics, ACS Nano. 4, 2955, 2010.
News report in C&E News; most downloaded paper in ACS Nano.

L. Hu, H, Wu, Y. Gao, A. Cao, L. Cui, J. McDough, X. Xie, M. Zhou, Y. Cui, Silicon-Carbon Nanotube Coaxial Sponge as Li-Ion Anodes with High Areal Capacity, Adv. Energy Mater., Accepted.

L. Hu, M. Pasta, F. La Mantia, L.-F. Cui, S. Jeong, H. D. Deshazer, J. W. Choi, S. M. Han, Y. Cui, Stretchable, Porous, and Conductive Energy Textiles, Nano Lett., 10, 708, 2010.
Reported by CBS, Technology Review, Onearth, MRS Bulletin, Stanford News; most downloaded paper in Nano. Lett. and ACS journals.

L. Hu,* D. Hecht*, G. Irvin, Emerging Transparent Electrodes Based on Thin Films of Carbon Nanotubes, Graphenes and Metal nanowires, Adv. Mater. Invited Review, Online. 

L. Hu, D. Hecht, G. Gruner, Infrared Transparent Carbon Nanotube Thin Films, Appl.  Phys. Lett. 94. 081103, 2009
News report on Physorg, Laserfocusworld, Nanoforum; most downloaded paper.

L. Hu*, Y. Zhao*, K. Ryu, C. Zhou, J. Stoddart, G. Gruner, Light-Induced Charge Transfer in Pyrene/CdSe-SWNT Hybrids, Adv. Mater. 20, 939, 2008.

M. Rowell, L. Hu, G. Gruner, M. Topinka, M. McGehee, H. Prall, G. Dennler, N.S. Sarciftci, Organic Solar Cells with Carbon Nanotube Network Electrodes. Appl. Phys. Lett. 88, 233506, 2006.
(Cited over 250 times.)

J. Li, L. Hu, Y. Zhou, G. Gruner, T. Marks, Light-Emitting Diodes Having Carbon Nanotube Anodes. Nano Lett. 6, 2472, 2006.
(Cited over 100 times.)

L. Hu, D. Hecht, G. Gruner, Percolation in Transparent and Conducting Carbon Nanotube Networks. Nano Lett. 4, 2513, 2004.
(Cited over 300 times.)

Selected Patents and Patent Applications

G. Gruner, L. Hu, D. Hecht, Graphene Film as Transparent and Electrically Conducting Material, Issued, US 7449133, 2006.

Y. Cui, L. Hu, H. Wu, Cu Nanofiber Transparent Electrode, Nonprovisional STFD259P1.

L. Hu, J. Choi, Y. Yang, Y. Cui, Conductive Paper and Textile for Electronics, Stanford, Nonprovisional S09-252.

Selected Presentations 

L. Hu, Y. Cui, Nanowire Energy Science and Engineering, Invited Talk, MRS Fall 2010.

L. Hu, Y. Cui, Designing Inorganic Nanostructures for Solar Cells and Energy Storage Devices, Invited Talk, American Vacuum Society, Energy Frontiers Topical Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2010.

L. Hu, Recycle Your Copier Paper Into Batteries with Nanotube Inks, Invited Talk, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Nashville, Tennessee, June 2010.

L. Hu, Y. Cui, New Transparent Electrodes for Solar Cell Applications. Invited Master Class, Printed Electronics Conference USA, San Jose, 2010.

L. Hu, Energy Storage Based on Conductive Paper, MRS Spring 2010

L. Hu, Silicon Nanoparticles-Si Nanowire Hybrids for Li-ion Anodes, MRS Spring 2010.

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University of Maryland Researchers Accept NASA Mission: Build a Better Battery for Space Exploration
UMD researchers awarded NASA funding for advanced energy storage technology August 18, 2015

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New material described in ACS Nano, featured in Nanowerk and C&EN. July 17, 2015

Small Can Be Strong and Tough
The smaller the cellulose fibers, the stronger and tougher the paper they make, to UMD researchers’ surprise July 8, 2015

Creating Transparent Electronic Networks with Graphene-Based Ink
Printed transparent conductors are the first to use sodium ions embedded in reduced graphene oxide to boost performance. June 5, 2015

Gu, Kozen Take 2nd in 2015 Dean’s Masters and Ph.D. Competition
Students recognized for exceptional graduate research. May 12, 2015

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Bailey Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Four materials science students receive Honorable Mentions. April 21, 2015

Rubloff One of 9 Finalists for UMD Invention of the Year
Office of Technology Commercialization to announce winners at the Celebration of Innovation and Partnerships, April 29. March 24, 2015

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UMERC's Advanced Energy Storage Technology Selected by NASA
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New material designed to boost performance of solar cells, displays, and electronics published in Nature Communications. July 1, 2014

Munday, Hu and Collaborators’ Research on Inside Cover of Advanced Energy Materials
Interdisciplinary collaboration leads to use of cellulose fiber paper as antireflection coating for solar cells. June 26, 2014

Department of Energy renews NEES EFRC for four years
The center develops highly ordered nanostructures that offer a unique way of looking at the science of energy storage. June 20, 2014

Hu, Wachsman Win Invention of the Year Award
MSE/UMERC professors team with U. Calgary to create advanced Li-ion batteries. May 2, 2014

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2013-2014 MSE Undergraduate Awards
Exceptional students recognized at annual ceremony. April 10, 2014

Nanopaper Featured in Nature Photonics News & Views
Article highlights Hu Group’s recent paper in Nano Letters. March 26, 2014

Hu Honored by American Society for Engineering Education
Professor named “Campus Star.” March 2, 2014

Bartis and Wan Join Future Faculty Program
Program prepares graduate students for a career in academia. January 27, 2014

Transparent Nanopaper Could Make Paper Electronics a “Thriving Technology”
Zhu presents work on new material at MRS and in Energy & Environmental Science. January 27, 2014

Hu: Invited Talk at Printed Electronics U.S.A.
Professor presents group's development of transparent and conductive paper. December 16, 2013

Student’s Presentation of Conductive Nanopaper Featured in MRS Meeting Scene
New version composed of cellulose “nanoribbons” and silver wires can be produced using less energy. December 12, 2013

ResearchFest 2013
ResearchFest 2013 September 22, 2013

NSF Grants for Graphene Research Awarded to Hu, Rubloff
Research at the nano-scale nets university over half-million dollars in funding August 26, 2013

UMD Researchers Awarded Two ARPA-E Grants for Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Systems
Eric Wachsman and Chunsheng Wang receive funding to create innovative batteries for electric vehicle energy storage systems. August 23, 2013

UMD Energy Innovations Featured Prominently in the News
Clark School energy research, including solid oxide fuel cells and wood battery, featured in variety of mainstream media outlets. August 21, 2013

"Battery Made of Wood" Featured on National Public Radio (Audio)
Professor and alumnus interviewed for Morning Edition. July 17, 2013

A Battery Made of Wood?
Wood fibers help nano-scale batteries keep their structure June 18, 2013

Flexible Nanopaper Featured in Chemical & Engineering News
ACS Newsmagazine reports innovation in nanoscale technology February 6, 2013

Air Force Supports Study on Nanopaper for Electronics, Aircraft
Hu wins prestigious Air Force Young Investigator Award. January 30, 2013

Rubloff Co-Authors Major DoE Report on Emerging Energy Technologies
Publication focuses on opportunities in mesoscale science. December 5, 2012

Hu Joins MSE Faculty
Professor offers expertise in nanotech, energy devices and flexible electronics. June 24, 2011